Hirudo Farma MB

  • Breeding, sales and medicinal leech export - Hirudo Farma MB

  • All necessary permits for export to european markets

  • Continuous supply throughout a year with high quality leeches

  • Continuous presence on german and swiss market


Medicinal leeches farm - cultivation and export from Serbia

HIRUDOFARMA MB is biofarm for growing and selling medicinal leeches since 2012. We produce Hirudo medicinalis leeches in natural environment with controled conditions. Our product is of high quality and suitable for medical use in the treatment of various diseases or for use in farmaceutical industry.


Licence for leeches farming and farm location

HIRUDOFARMA MB is based in Serbia, Sabac and is only bio farm of Hirudo medicinalis that has a license from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 353-01-582/2013-03 to cultivate and sell medicinal leeches to international markets. We are currently present in german and swiss markets with ambition to grow in product quantity and quality, as well as to expand our business to other european markets.


Sales and export of medicinal leech

The sale of medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) is only done with the CITES permit, which both, the buyer and the seller should have. Years of experience and the high demands of customers in Western Europe have rizen standards in breeding and selling leeches.

Hirudo farma MB has adopted all international standards and is ready to fullfil all customer demands in quality and quantity, as well as transportation standards. Our farm has been certified by German authorities for sale of medicinal leech and those certificates are valid to the present day.


Transport of medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis

Transport of leeches to a customer is also very serious and very complex matter. We've accepted the highest global standards in this area and thanks to our inovative leech cultivation approach we are able to distribute medicinal leeches throughout a year with the same quality.

Transport is usualy done by air according to the standards of the airline companies. Medicinal leeches are transported in a special packaging used especialy for this species.